Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Assembly of Legendary Figures starts a group cookbook

cookbookOne of the issues brought by the group was the lack of public knowledge for all of the Legendary Figures.  With this in mind, the Department of Elfland Security has added a new division for marketing and public relation to aid the several projects and campaigns to grow the awareness of the entire group.

With this being said, the first project that has been undertaken is an official TAOLF Cookbook.  Within this project, all of the Legendary Figures will be able to submit their personal recipes and it will be made available to the public once the project is complete.

We have sent a secured message to all of the Legendary Figures with the directions and security codes to get into the project and start submitting their recipes on

Submissions have already started coming in and if any of the members are having problems submitting recipes, please contact Daisy Shirkmire in the public relations office.

EB Medically Cleared for Return to Easter Island

The good doctor has rechecked EB's urine and missing fur patches. He has determined that EB is no longer dehydrated and his fur is growing back in normally. Due to his good health, Dr. Twinklestein has given EB clearance to return back to Easter Island.

He will leave tomorrow morning.

EB said he had a wonderful time at the North Pole with Mr. and Mrs. Claus and hopes to return for another visit soon.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Elf Team is being sent to Easter Island

imagesCATSQQQLAs EB will be a guest up here for a little while, he has asked that we send an administrative team to Easter Island to help wrap up his factory from this season in preparation for next season.   We will also be sending a communication crew to test out the new communication grid that was installed a few weeks ago.  We are getting poor signals and think a small adjustment needs to be made.

For those going to Easter Island, please report to the transportation station at 8:00 a.m.  Mrs. Claus will have breakfast before your departure.  You should only be gone from the “Pole” for a few day, so please pack accordingly.

You will be using E.B.’s transportation module instead of the jet, so you will arrive there in a matter of minutes.  Just a reminder, the transportation module does not function correctly if you are wearing any titanium jewelry, so please leave this at home.

EB Staying at Santa’s for the week

EB will be a guest at Santa's this week at the request of Mrs. Claus.

Even though Dr. Twinklestein gave EB a medical release, Mrs. Claus wants to be sure EB is fully recovered from his trip before he heads back to Easter Island.

He agreed wholeheartedly and was pleased to get the invite.

Santa says he can visit him at the workshop while he is staying.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Bunny Post delivery Medical Report

The Easter Bunny has had his post delivery medical exam.

Dr. Harold Twinklestein, DES Chief Physician and North Pole Medical Unit Director performed an examination and diagnostic testing for a medical assessment of EB's overall health.

Dr. Twinklestein indicates that EB is in good health following the long journey. EB does require a few shots before next year's journey and he needs to give his right leg a rest, but overall got a medical release from the good doctor.

For the full report click here.