Monday, December 17, 2012

Santa’s Secrets and FAQ Page Now Active

santaFAQDid you ever wonder how Santa delivers all those gifts in one night or even why he even brings gifts?  Well, now you can find out on Santa’s FAQ Page.

This page houses Frequently Asked Questions that Santa has been asked by children all over the world throughout the years.

If after you browse through the list, you have another questions, you can even click on the “Contact Us” link to ask it.

Connect to Santa’s FAQ Page today and start learning some of Santa’s Secrets.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

How much does it cost for Santa to travel?

OCT10th 020A study was done in 2010 by that says, Santa spends about $19,115.49 per year (or $1,593 per month) for travel expenses every time to goes out to visit little boys and girls; however, since he travels about 4,670,193.27 miles during his trip, that is only $0.004 a mile.  That’s pretty cheap.

Here is a break down on their costs:


You can read the complete study on Santa’s Transportation Costs Here.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Santa insists on strict diet for Comet

santaIndividualSanta spent some time today taking each reindeer out individually for a short flight around the poll.  He has noticed during the last few test flights that were was some kind of sluggish response in some of the turns.  Everyone was contributing the issue to a new harness Santa is using this year, but they were not able to work out the details.

After today’s solo flights, the problem has been found.  Santa believes that Comet is still 20lbs overweight and has placed him on a strict dies for the December 5, St. Nicholas Day run.  He needs Comet to lose these extra pounds so that the entire team is safe.

As you may know, Comet has a sweet tooth, and it is hard for him to stay away from the snacks.  Now that the big man has made the order, we all need to keep our eyes open so that Comet doesn’t sneak.

- E.B.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Great Chat Session with Mrs. Claus Tonight

chatWe had an awesome chat session tonight with Mrs. Claus.  We had Jester from the Office of Elf Affairs, Jimmy from the Elf Workers Union, of course I (Edward) was present, and Mrs. Claus.  Santa joined in a couple of times, but he was busy making dinner for Mrs. Claus and himself.   Of course he had to start over since he burnt the fist batch, and we had to send over a clean up crew to get Mrs. Claus’ kitchen back in order.

We had Theresa, Jordan, Molly, Mia, Lacey join us and tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas.  It seems that the “Monster High” dolls are a big item this year.

Jester logged a complaint with the union.  It turns out that he did not get any of Mrs. Claus’ new peppermint chocolate chip cookies, but Mrs. Claus said that she would make him a special batch.

Jimmy said that he could not stay late, but he would swing by the stable and see if he could find Rudolf to see if there will be any reindeer games schedule before the “Big” trip this year.

There has been talk about scheduling another chat before Christmas.